Looking after your dishwasher

Dishwashers are one of the handiest appliances to have in the home and should provide years of trouble free service given the proper care.

There are three aspects to keeping your dishwasher at its best and giving the cleanest dishes, pans, cutlery and glasses time after time:

  1. Daily use
  2. Regular cleaning
  3. Periodic descaling

Ensuring an effective wash

Perhaps the best indicator of how well your dishwasher is performing and whether you're using the correct products is the clarity of your glassware.

If they're dirty after the wash, then you may need to:

  1. Ensure you are scraping enough debris from your plates, cutlery and pans (but they don't need to be spotless)
  2. Make sure you've been adding dishwasher salt and rinse aid
  3. Checked and cleaned the filter.

Cloudy Glasses

You can determine the cause of cloudy glassware by soaking a glass in vinegar for 5 minutes. If the cloudiness is removed it is due to hard water deposits; make sure the salt reservoir is topped up. Do not worry about over-filling it.

If the cloudiness is not removed, it is a permanent condition known as etching or more complex deposits that are difficult to remove. Check that the water feed pipes are not kinked and that the rotors are free to spin.