Looking after your washing machine

The washing machine is an indispensable tool in our daily lives and generally give years of trouble free service. With a new machine, ensure that it is correctly installed using new hoses (as old ones can perish), there are no kinks in the supply or drain hoses, it is level and all seals/washers are intact.

The two most common problems that can occur are:

  1. Build up of bacteria, causing bad odours
  2. Limescale build up caused by hard water


Regular maintenance

Both of these can be tackled in three ways:

  1. Softening the water with each wash
  2. Periodically cleaning the internal elements, drawer and door seals
  3. Removing any limescale that has built up

Dirt, limescale, oils and residual laundry products can be left behind in the drum, pipes and door seal. This accumulation acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. The resulting odour will be particularly apparent in warm weather. There has been a trend towards washing at lower temperatures, largely for environmental reasons, although this can make the problem worse. High temperature washes help remove build up and kill bacteria, so you should occasionally consider doing a separate whites wash at a high temperature.