Welcome to Appliance Care

Welcome to the Appliance Care website. This new site replaces the original 'Dishwasher Care' site, which was very popular but in need of an update, being over 10 years old. We decided to extend the range of topics covered to include washing machines and some other home appliances. has now become part of a wider 'Appliance Care' site thanks to the popularity of the original site.

Navigate to the pages in the menu to make sure you get the best out of your dishwasher. Follow everyday tips to get gleaming cutlery and crockery and help ensure a long life for this most useful of modern kitchen gadgets.

This site is not intended to provide repair advice. Repairs should be completed by a competent appliance repair professional or the manufacturer. However the site contains many handy tips that will hopefully mean that a breakdown is less likely. What it WILL do however is ensure you get clean items after each wash.